Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anyu's Surgery

(These are e-mails from Jane, the missionary in Cambodia)

November 24th
Hey Saints--It is time to pray.  As I write this, the wheels are in motion for Anyu's surgery.  A team is here from France and they are performing the surgery on Weds. for Anyu.  We have blood donors who are donating blood this afternoon.  We have (what I have been told) the best facility in Cambodia--which is a hospital in Phnom Penh.  We will be bringing his mother tomorrow to Phnom Penh.  I have been told by medical professionals that these surgeons are qualified and experienced.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.  This operation is not a sure thing.  There is risk involved.  May we -- in the name of Jesus-- have one more thing to be thankful for on Thursday.

November 26th
God is answering our prayers! Praise Him!
Anyu successfully made it through 9 hours of surgery!!! The medical team had to reconstruct his face, but his tumor is completely removed. He has not yet woken up, and will stay at the hospital for the next 10 days. The next step, which will be a long one, is recovery. His doctor wants to return in 6 months to help with reconstructive surgery. Anyu's jaw is eroded and in need of serious dental care. He will not be able to eat solid food for several months. Anyu will return to Seim Reap when released from the hospital, but will not be able to return to his village until his risk of infection is very minimal. His village is descent hike from town, and not opperated on electricity or running water. Continue to keep Anyu lifted up in prayer to God. Pray for no infection and a quick and complete recovery, in the name of our Jesus!
Matt contacted Julie before Anyu went into surgery this morning. He said that Anyu understood that his tumor would be gone today, whether it be through entering eternity without it or physically waking up in the hospital bed with a head that weighed half as much as it did hours before! You know, to the vision of the world, Anyu was a miss-fit of society. He'd been made fun of, stared at, and even left out in his own village because of his appearance. Our world, including us, could use insight from our Creator. Anyu's value is not about what people think, but rather about the way he was designed and wired dynamically by his Creator to know Him. God has placed Anyu in Takam Village at this time in history for such a time as this! God sees right through the skin and bone to the heart. He takes that of little value to the world and makes it beautiful. I am excited to see how God works through this young man to share His love and grace with his village. I am praying that the Truth of God's Word be fertile in Anyu's heart and be rooted deep in the soil of the hearts of every villager there! What a miracle. Too often our gaze misses the miracles happening every day about and even in us. The miraculous becomes empty ritual of routine we see day to day. May our eyes be refocused and our hearts aware.
May all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as you give thanks for all the Lord is, has done, and is doing. I'm thankful this evening for the family support you all are...the Body of Christ! It's obvious that many of you have taken action in agreement on Anyu's behalf. Thank you and praise, praise God for hearing and being directly invloved in His creation!
Y'all rock!!!
love & much thanks,

November 26th
Give thanks for His love endureth forever!
As I write Anyu is recovering from surgery.  He was in surgery for 9 hours.  They have removed his tumor and had to reconstruct his face.  He has not awoken yet.  He will be in the hospital for the next 10 days.  He is at risk for infection.  So pray against that.  The doctor that performed the operation wants to return in six months and do some reconstructive surgery.  His jaw is eroded.  He also needs major dental care--but all of that one step at a time.  He will be in the hospital and then we will return him to Siem Reap.  He cannot return to his village immediately because of the dire conditions that exist out there.  He cannot eat solid food nor will he be able to for several months. 
Pray for his complete and speedy healing.  Pray for us as we care for him.  Pray that God will use this to open doors and that Takam -- his village will come to know Jesus as a result.  Saints--just pray!  We need it.  Anyu needs it.  His village needs it.  Cambodia needs it.
Give thanks to a great and mighty God who reaches out to the least of these and changes his life forever.  Give thanks that there was a day when He reached out to each of us.  Give thanks that God works daily in our lives.
My heart is full, because He has filled it.

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for Anyu's surgery, you can donate here at People for Care and

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