Saturday, November 15, 2008

Siem Rap, the last day

The team is touring a Silk Farm today.

The team is getting fitted for their outfits.  
We will have to wait to see them when they return home.

They have to boil the cocoons to get the silk.

The ladies are spinning the silk.  These outfits are going to be beautiful!

This is the children's home. They had an ice cream party.

Those do not look like ice cream cones to me.  
It kinda looks like a pastry.  YUM!

Pastor wanted to have a special service with the staff at the children's home.

These are the last of the photos to be sent from Cambodia.  Keep checking back in.  I'll keep you posted when they return home.  I'm sure mom and the team will have lots of stories to tell. They'll be posting them here as soon as they can.  Let's pray for safety as they return to the US.

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