Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 2

I know you've all been waiting anxiously just as I have.  Finally we know they made it there safe and sound.  I didn't get much text with the pictures so I'll try and put this together.

I received this email at 4:00 am this friday morning.  They are in Phnom Pen, the team will be visiting the Garbage Dumpsite with 100 children and doing a program for 200 children in Kaden Kow.

This pictures was taken at the airport in Kzoo.

Remember the team had 500 salvation bracelets and several hundred bags of candy to put together.  Julie is packing all the bracelets.  She is the missionary that the team met up with when they got there.  She is the one who put their schedule together.

Pastor of the church in the Dump
This is an incredible picture!  Can you imagine living here?   The smell must be horrid in that 100 degree weather.

Pastor Davis Carrying the toys to the dump.

Looks like those salvation plan bracelets... were a big hit. (makes me wish I was there!)

This is the team doing a skit of the Unmerciful Servant a message on forgiveness.

Kids Worshiping.  The team taught them 2 songs.
I'm gonna clap my hands & I like God

Kids received their bag of candy and a small toy.  They also received a meal.

This pictures is taken at the Church youth service.
How exciting!  Remember to keep them in your prayers daily for strength and protection. Don't forget to pray for all the children a families that are hearing the Word of God, some for the very first time.  Hopefully we get more photos tomorrow!

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