Saturday, November 8, 2008

Village of Water-KadenKow

The KadenKow Village that was flooded stay's under water most of the time.  These families were moved from the dump by the government to where they are now.  There are 1800 families of 5-6 in each family.  

The team is crossing the bridge to the village of KadenKow.

  The village is flooded with rain most days but families still live here. 
 Can you imagine having prune feet all day?  Where would you rather live? In the dump or a village that is flooded?

The team trying not to fall in the mud.

Pastor handing out coloring books!  
(It's funny, You rarely see this smile on my dad)

Because of your  donations, children have been feed a meal today.  Thank you! 
The 200 children come from this village for the children's program.  We gave them coloring books and crayons and a meal.
Children's program

Drying Rice

I'd say that time change is finally catching up with them...Jet lag!

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Jim said...

I am happy for Shirley being able to take a trip like this. Her life long desire is to show the Love of God to a hurting world and this is only the beginning. I am praying God's Protection for each of you every day.