Friday, November 14, 2008

Takam Village

The team at Angkor Wat

The kids saw the bus coming, they started running after them!

200 boys and girls packed into this small room.

Doesn't she look beautiful?

They loved the cars!

Anyu has a facial tumor, we were able to pray for him.  
They have found a surgeon to remove the tumor for him.

This is Anyu's sister. 
 Pastor is praying for her, she hasn't been able to walk for a year.

Cambodia Light Children's Orphanage is in very poor conditions.

The children were very happy after the program.

We purchased school supplies for the new boat school.  
We were able to get two marker boards 
and two 5'6 table tables for the classroom.

Wheres Waldo?
 ( Bri-An from across BIG water will explain later)

The new praise team.  They call themselves, "Pickin-N-Grinnin" 

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